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Welcome to Speeding

Speeding provides quality motorsport products from famous brands. We have a large stock for same day shipment to customers and distributors all over the world.
Our in house development team constantly test new product solutions in areas where development is necessary. This keeps us at the forefront of motorsport and provide individuals, racing drivers and teams the products and support they need to win.

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Speeding - Product use

Speeding provides products to a wide range of motorsport applications, ranging from individuals who want good products to WRC teams with the highest demands.
The aviation industry and the automotive industry are two other examples where we act as subcontractors in everything from small to big production series. This can be parts from our standard product range that are available for everytone, but also customized products that we develop on order.
The list can be made long with applications from dragracing motorcycles and sidecar racing to boats, power watercrafts and Top fuel cars to name a few.

Holset Super HX40 - Up to 700hp


Holset Super HX40

Holset Super HX40

€ 507,42 € 741,58
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New in-tank hose approved for ethanol and gasoline
SPD fuel cell with internal fuel pumps!
The V3 FPR. For ethanol fuels