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SPD V2 Blow off valve 50mm black

SPD Performance Parts

Weld connection in aluminum

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Article no.: SPD04BOV

SPD V2 Blow off valve 50mm black

This blow off valve is delivered pressure tested to ensure the highest quality.

SPD 50mm blow off valve is of the highest quality and can withstand very high high power applications. Thhis blow off valve has a very quick control and the piston is sealed with o-ring to ensure that it does not leak any air. Delilvered with banjo and vacuum connection for silicone hose. Adapter and fitting for pneumatic hose is also included.

In order for the blow off valve to achieve its maximum speed of control, use a 1/4 "(6.3mm) vacuum hose.
It is also very important that you use the right spring for your engine in order for the BOV to function optimally and not be open at idle.

1. Aluminum welding connection and V-clamp with o-ring seal so that it can not leak air at the V-clamp joint.

The dump valve is installed with a 10psi spring upon delivery. Which is most common for turbo engines. But a spring set comes with springs of 8psi and 11psi. There are also springs of 2psi, 6psi and 12psi to buy separately.


NOTE! the specification of the spring has nothing to do with how much boost pressure you can run.

Check the vacuum your engine has at idle to get the right spring.

2psi: Used only for some compressor engines (purchased separately under accessories if required)
6psi spring for vacuum of: -0.25 bar to 0.4 bar (Purchased separately under accessories if required)
8psi spring for vacuum of: -0.4 bar to -0.5 bar (Comes in the supplied springset)
10psi spring for vacuum of: -0.5 bar to -0.65 bar (Dump valve will be installed with this spring)
11psi spring for vacuum of: -0.65 bar to -0.7 bar (Comes in the supplied springset)
12psi spring for vacuum of: -0.7 bar to -0.8 bar (Purchased separately under accessories if required)

- Manages high effects and regulates very quickly
-No leaks
-The same dump valve for both welding connection and hose connection (only the flange separates them)
-Prepared for both silicone hose and pneumatic hose
-The supplied springset to fit more engines
- Loose spare parts are available

All SPD products are of the highest quality and have been thoroughly tested to work in the most demanding motorsport.



Vacuum on top: M10x1 female
Adapter to 1/4" NPT is included


SPD performance parts


SPD performance parts

SPD Performance Parts are quality products for oil, air, water and fuel systems. Developed to meet the highest demands of motorsports. All products are carefully tested both in virtual and controlled environments, as well as on the street and race track where they will ultimately be used. SPD products are developed and tested by experienced technicians as well as racing drivers to maximize functionality and reliability. With these extensive tests, the same high function is also ensured over long periods of time.

When such extensive tests are made to ensure quality over time, the full 5-year full warranty is given on all SPD AN-fittings and up to 3 years on other SPD products. Even for those who use them in racing and the most demanding motorsports. SPD performance parts are probably the only ones having such generous guarantees on motorsport products.

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