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Crankshaft ZRP - BMW S50 3.0

ZRP - Forged & billet engine internals

Stroke: 85,7 (STD)

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Article no.: SPDC-BMW-005

ZRP Crankshaft BMW M3 E36 S50B30 - 85.70mm stroke

Brand new top class crankshaft! Works for you who want the best whether you are running N/A or supercharged / Turbo.

The BMW crankshaft is fully balanced to 2gr.cm +/- 0.1 using state of the art Sunnen machines, balance results report included. Check the individual features for your application below.

S50B30 ZRP Crankshaft Features and Design

  • Undercut profiled counterweights to minimize weight and reduce rotating mass.
  • Aero-Wing counterweights for reduced windage to increase horsepower*
  • Drilled rod journals for weight reduction.
  • Straight oil holes for better oiling of the rod journals
  • Chamfered oil holes
  • Journal radius disperse load stress.
  • Tapered rod journals for weight reduction.

*The counterweights of the crankshaft are aerodynamically shaped and have several advantages which mean less centrifugal winds in the crankcase. This in turn means that less oil is caught and pulled with the crank around. This means a theoretical power gain, but what is the biggest advantage is that oil is not heated and foamed when it is not thrown around and thus a theoretically better lubricating effect is obtained.

Technical Features of ZRP Crankshafts

  • Full CNC machining.
  • ION (Plasma) Nitride process for hardening.
  • Multi Stage Heat Treatment.
  • Shot peening for stress release.
  • 100% Magna- fluxing for flawless surface finish.
  • Heat treatment for superior wear resistance.
  • Micro-polishing for longer bearing life.
  • Sonic tested and X-rayed to ensure a reliable end product.


  • Stroke - 85.70mm (standard stroke)
  • Main Journal - 60.00mm
  • Rod Journal - 50.00mm
  • Weight -
  • Crank Grade - 4340 Billet

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